What's in my tennis bag, GSSE essentials.

What's in my tennis bag, GSSE essentials.

There were 2 things I couldn't survive without during the GSSE games of small states of Europe last week. The Equa tonic electrolyte drink and the Raw Sport Endure. It was so hot, we spent long hours in the sun and we had really tough matches, therefore, nutrition and hydration were key (as always).

The Equa recharge tonic was my all day electrolyte drink, kept me hydrated throughout the day, my energy levels remained high and more importantly I did not suffer from any headaches all week. The single sachets are so convenient to use and were easy to share with my team mates.

I use the Raw Sport ENDURE as my power drink during matches. The naked version is the one I really like, with no caffein and tastes really good. This is a performance supplement for rapid energy boost, great for endurance and performance.

Honestly, I can’t recommend these two products enough for summer workouts, training and tough sessions.

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