About Us

Flavours for Health is founded by Elaine and Daniel who are very passionate about health, wellbeing, food and sport! Our aim is to help people maintain a balanced diet & achieve goals naturally, by making the healthier choice, the easier choice.

We specialise in healthy food products that are made from 100% Natural products, free from gluten, preservatives or any other unnecessary ingredient. 

We believe that poor dieting, lack of exercise and a general lack of knowledge about food and nutrition are largely to blame for major illnesses & overweight problems in our society. Eating junk has become the norm with most, & our goal is to help people replace junk filled protein shakes & meal replacements products with real food.

Join our community on Facebook and Instagram or get in touch with us on info@flavoursforhealth.com, +356 79282569, we would love to hear form you!




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