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To get in the best shape of your life, we believe that maintaining a balanced diet & achieving goals naturally is the best way to go about it!..and we're here to help you do exactly that.

We have created an e-health shop focusing on health products that are made from 100% natural ingredients with nothing artificial added to them. We selectively connect with new and exciting brands from around the world and bring them right to your door and in some of Malta's influential health shops and fitness centers.

And that's not all. We bring you the latest fitness and health scene on our blog, from reviews, interviews, wellness challenges - and more.




She loves all things that have to do with fitness – athletics, yoga, pilates and without a doubt tennis!

Having a background in Psychology and Health, she is fascinated by the impact of the environment on the choices that we make every day. She, for starters get's very influenced by what is around her, so chooses to surround herself with to the right food (starting from the kitchen cupboard) and positive people!

Our story started when Elaine wanted to create a community to inspire and promote health and fitness, when she came across our first product - Purition - it kicked off!


Daniel is very passionate about anything sport and fitness and has a love/hate relationship with running! But incredibly took part and completed the Athens Authenthic Full Marathon in 2016 (with a fantastic time too!). 

Coming from the world of numbers, he drives the business to compete in the market in the best way we can. 

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