Body & home care products usually consist of 9/10 of water. EQUA CARE provides you with the 1/10 you actually need. EQUA CARE uses only the cleanest natural ingredients - safe for your skin & surroundings. Scent blends are made from natural essential oils and extracts, leaving no room for synthetic fragrances.

The secret behind EQUACARE is in the natural powder formula. The only 1/10 you actually need when it comes to body & home care. The rest is water that you add yourself. Same efficiency, better quality, less waste. 

  • Refillable: Refill and re-use over and over again
  • All-natural ingredients: No synthetic fragrances or preservatives
  • 30x Less plastic waste: at least 90% single plastic bottlee waste
  • Recycled materials: Made out of recycled single-use plastic bottles
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