Purition Ingredients

Purition Ingredients

Purition is made from 70% whole foods and we make the ingredients list easy to find because we want you to know what you are eating or drinking. 

70% of what is in the bag are whole seeds and nuts that are chopped or grinded (without adding heat) moments before mixing and packing.

It's the real food ingredients which make the difference so please take a moment to compare Purition ingredients with those of any other shake product on the market. 

You can see from a quick glance that Purition's short, whole unprocessed real food ingredients are very different – there are no gums, fillers, flavourings, no artificial anything ever.

Purition is not sweet and the flavours are subtle because they are not filled with sweeteners or any flavourings of any kind even the so called natural ones.

The tiniest bit of Stevia (you won’t be able to taste it) is added to help balance flavours.

However, if you find that Purition is not sweet enough for you initially try adding a 1/4 or 1/3rd of a banana or a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.

Innactive Brewers Yeast (not to be confused with bread making yeast) is added for B complex vitamins together with additional protein and Apple Pectin for added soluble fibre.

Ingredients you can feel great about and trust to deliver great nutrition!

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