Post-Marathon Recovery

Post-Marathon Recovery

You have completed the Marathon, then you should be proud of yourself because its a damm good achievement! Now that it's over, its time to recover! 

Recovery is critical, if you do not properly recover from your marathon, you might risk getting injured. 

During the marathon, your muscles, hormones, tendons, cells and almost every physiological system in your body has been pushed to the max. We've done some research and have put together some tips for you to follow during the next few days:

Days 1-3

Days 4-7

  • Go for a short and easy run for about 1-2km (only once). The focus is on promoting blood flow to the legs, not building fitness.

  • Continue eating a healthy diet, start your day with a wholefood protein shake or a superfood smoothie.

  • Go for a deep tissue massage, especially if you have areas that are really bothering you. 

  • Have a bath before bed, stretch real well and relax.  

OH! and btw.. WELL DONE! 

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