Nuts about Nut Butter

Nuts about Nut Butter

Every kitchen cupboard must have at least one kind of nut butter right? 

We are so excited to introduce you to our favorite nut butter collection!

The Theobroma nut butters are unique mainly because of their liberation from all the illegible ingredients (preservatives & sugars) that commercial product contain.

Theobroma’s butters are handmade by roasting the nuts, adding a touch of pink Himalayan salt, and then turning it into butter. That’s it! Forget sunflower or palm oil, emulsifiers and preservatives. None of that stuff.

The even better news is that they are made in Malta and we love supporting local brands!

So spread some on your morning toasty, have a spoonful with some banana bites or add a touch with your smoothie, and we guarantee your life will become much better! (at least our does)

Check out the full range of nut butter here

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