Not all baking mixes are created equally.

Not all baking mixes are created equally.

A baking mix is an easy way to save time, money and reduce waste while creating a delicious stack of pancakes, a batch of cookie or a tin of cake in no time at home.

Baking mixes have been around for ages, but there's always seem to be the same few brands that make them and non of which made from completely clean ingredients. 


Make sure you read the label at the back of the mixes

Or of any product for that matter!!! You will probably see that most of them contain palm fat (palm oil) and dextrose (a common type of refined sugar).

Palm fat, (palm oil) is recently being found in many packaged foods as manufacturers look for low cost oils to replace trans fats. These fats are normally used to help preserve taste and texture. However, palm oil has been recently linked with an increased risk of heart diseases in some people. 

Dextrose, a come type of sugar, is more misleading as it's not written down as Sugar! It is highly used in packaged food as it is affordable and extends the shelf life. 


When the Morning Dreamers Pancake Mix was created by Superfood Bakery, they firmly stood against any added nasties or hidden sugars. We believe that a mix should contain only natural ingredients, contain no refined sugar and provide nutritional benefits such as protein and fiber.


Discover our new range of Healthy Baking Mixes that are free from gluten, dairy, yeast, soy and refined sugars.

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