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Superfood Bakery have created natural baking mixes suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy delicious and healthy home-baked treats! Only natural high-quality and organic ingredients (where possible) are used.


Morning Dreamers Pancakes mix - packed with nutritious organic gluten-free flours, baobab powder and a bit of coconut sugar to make your breakfast nutritious AND delicious!  

If you are into crunchy and chewy textures, you'd love the Glow Makers Cookies! Chia and pumpkin seeds, cranberries, cocoa powder and organic coconut sugar make them a delicious and healthy mid-day treat!

Spirit Lifters Cookies, packed with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder! If you are craving something chocolate-y, these are your go-to goodies! 

Finally, the Raw Bliss Balls are full of protein goodness: amaranth, chia seeds, flaxseed, and cocoa powder are only some of the superfoods that this delicious mix contains! 

The best part: you can make all of these in your kitchen in under 20 minutes! 

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