7 Eco Friendly Travel Tips

7 Eco Friendly Travel Tips

Travelling soon? These are our 7 practical tips for an eco friendly trip! 

1. Avoid Bottled Water. Take your own Refillable Water Bottle.

This has become the number 1 rule when travelling. In most airports and cities you'll find water fountains everywhere!.. don't forget to empty it as you go through security. 

2. Always carry a Tote bag with you. 

Just in case you go shopping, which let's face it the odds are pretty high that you will! Take a bag, like you would do at home to carry your shopping. 

3. Take your own utensils.

We have found the MB Stainless Steel Cutlery set the most practical set of cutlery to slip into your bag and use whenever you want. Great to use on the plane or when eating take away food. 

4. Take your own reusable coffee cup. 

Reusable cups can be used for all beverages, not just coffee. Use it on the plane instead of accepting a plastic cup. 

5. Mobile Check in. 

Get your boarding pass on your phone, saves paper ticket being printed. 

6. Limit energy use.

This includes your use of air-conditioning and hot water. Turn off all lights and taps when you leave hotel rooms.

7. Take Public Transport or rent a bike!

Rather than hiring a car, choose other ways to get around like trains or buses. In many places you can also rent bikes. And don't forget your feet!

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Comment below if you have any more eco friendly travel tips to share with us!

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