Christmas Stocking ideas Malta

Our Top 6 Stocking stuffers

Waking up on Christmas to a stocking full of surprises is something that everyone looks forward to.

As easy as it would be to stick to the traditional chocolates and sweets route, the stocking is a great time to get creative and give little things that everyone will love. From delicious cookies to flu fighters, we’ve selected a collection of products that anyone will approve of. 

Keep scrolling to take a look at the 6 best stocking stuffers

Heavenly Nugglets 

These chocolate covered little squidgy Nugglets of heaven are the ultimate treat! A must to include in your stocking!

A Rookie!

    These cookies are the perfect tea time snack, they come in 4 different flavours and they’re gluten-free, vegan and high fiber. Made with DELICIOUS ingredients and tons of love!.. see the full collection. 

    Super Tea!

      Winter time = Tea time! 

      The finest teas on the market, for the best mums in town. Aduna Super-Teas have been specially crafted using the highest quality active botanical ingredients, giving each tea a unique feel good benefit to help bring out your natural vitality

      Bamboo Straw!

        These Bamboo Straws are perfect for drinking your daily smoothie. They are great for every day use and for sipping up whatever you're drinking.

        Hand made from bamboo in the tropical island paradise of Bali, Indonesia. Bamboo straws are a great alternative to plastics in an effort to reduce waste.

        Veco Veggy Bags

        These bags are made from recycled plastic, to use when selecting & carrying fruit & veggies from local stores! 

        Nut Butter Balls.. oh yes please!

        You can literally taste Christmas with every bite. Apple and cinnamon with smooth almond butter in the middle.


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