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A cuppa to match your mood

At this time of year it seems like our bodies crave for a warm drink in our hands. Normal tea is always a good option to keep you warm - but sometimes you just want something extra, wether it's sweet, stimulating or flavourful. These are our top 5 warm drinks to stimulate your taste buds, match your mood and keep you warm this season!

1. Cacao Cinnamon Tea 

This one is our favourite! A relaxing luxurious dark chocolate aroma gives way to a light, cocoa flavour enriched with warming cinnamon & cardamom. It's the perfect brew to wind down and relax.

2. Mint, Nettle & Moringa Tea

A lively, clean green flavour with earthy undernotes and a cooling fresh mint finish, is all you need to start off your day! This cuppa will not only keep you warm but will help you eliminate waste and improve your digestion.

3. Hot Chocolate

Who doesn't love hot chocolate? Here's a simple 4 ingredient recipe by one of our favourite influencers @tasteofkriss, to make a delicious healthy hot chocolate.

1️⃣A cup of any plant milk
2️⃣1 tbsp raw cacao powder (Super Cacao is very high in protein and fibre)
3️⃣1 tbsp agave syrup or organic maple 
4️⃣Pinch of Himalayan salt

4. Golden Latte

Our favorite vehicle for turmeric is this Ayurvedic-inspired golden latte, blended with nut milk and a natural sweetener of your choice. Sip away and feel golden vibes through your body. 

5. Matcha Latte

It's so nice to pause one moment and make a perfect cup of Matcha latte like this one! Martina from Food Therapy used almond milk and Matcha from our friend at J-Okini.


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