7 Summer Lunch Ideas

7 Summer Lunch Ideas

Summer is here! With high temperature you want to eat light meals! Here are 7 foodies that inspire us daily with amazing simple recipes!

1. Wholisticbella

One of our favourite food blogs right now! Isabelle creates incredible lunch ideas! and if you're a mashed potato loving person, this one is for you!  Click on the post for full recipe. 

2. No Gluten No problem!

Healthy eating is not boring as long as you try out new recipes! Check out this peanut butter cream sauce zoodles with cashew nuts! Yum yum yum 🤤

3. Holistic Nutrition Ninja 

A quick and good meal is possible! It took her no more than 5 minutes to put together and it looks incredibly great! It’s red quinoa (left over) salad topped with feta cheese, mustard and spring onion potato salad, cherry tomatoes and 1/2 an avocado 🥑 .

4. Audrienne

A quick and filling meal that's packed with nutrients by Audienne 🌱🥗. A bed of vibrant mixed leaves, topped with tofu satay, corn & Asian veggie rice tossed together to create a food rainbow.

5. Marrow Health

Chickpeas contain a high amount of iron, magnesium and a lot of others benefits! So why not add it to your left overs and create a super nutritious plate just like this one!

6. Flourish Malta

Probably the most simple and effective lunch you can have! Toast. Avocado. Poached Egg. Season it and its done! 

 7. Wholisticbella

Veggie tacos? YES Please! Super easy to create! Check out this post for full recipe. 

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