6 Reasons to Drink Smoothies

6 Reasons to Drink Smoothies

Smoothie are not only nice and colourful drinks but real nutritional bombs!

Developing a habit of having a smoothie a day will boost your well-being and energy levels. Here are 6 reasons why you should have a smoothie in the morning, before or after a workout, or any time that you choose.

1. Quick & simple: Making a smoothie is super easy, simply put all ingredients in the blender and its ready in a couple of seconds.

2. Better than multivitamin: We prefer having vitamins and minerals sourced from natural super fruits like Baobab which is a rich source of Vitamin C or Moringa has 6 Vitamins and minerals and super rich in antioxidants.

3. Improves Digestion: Nobody wants to experience indigestion or bloating. Let your blender 'chew' your food and ease the burden on your digestive system while still consuming plenty of fibre to aid digestion. 

4. Reduce cravings. We all crave sugar and sweets some time or another. Smoothie will reduce those cravings, replacing refined sugar with natural sugars found in fruits and veg.    

5. Boost your immune system. Adding superfoods like chia seeds or moringa will empower your immune system providing you with nutrients like calcium, omega-3 and magnesium.

6. More energy. Smoothies are the easiest way to get a quick energy boost, be it for breakfast, before or after a workout.

Need a little but of help? Let's kick off a healthy 2018 together!

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