6 Maltese Health Foodies that Inspire us Daily

6 Maltese Health Foodies that Inspire us Daily

Leading a healthy lifestyle can mean different things to different people. For us it is all about clean eating, doing sports and being surrounded by positive people. No matter what your priorities are at this point, it always helps to have a little bit of inspiration. Here are some of Malta's inspiring health bloggers on Instagram you just have to follow!

1. Naturally Nourised by Nikki

100% plant based Nikki creates amazing vegan meals and snacks at home. She is also a recipe creator of various Menu dishes of some of Malta's best health restaurants.

Nourished by Nikki Vegan

2. Martha Galea

A busy University student who thrives on a vegan lifestyle for her own health and for the love of animals. 

Martha Galea Vegan Student

3. The Nature of Taste

Susannah - a traveller, an artist and a foodie who creates amazing photos of food experiences. A must follow!

foodie traveller

4. Health Malta

A blog that features interesting recipes with basic wholesome ingredients, whilst also sharing knowledge about nutrition to their followers.

wholesome ingredients

5. Antonella Grech

A huge inspiration to all those who are trying to loose weight as she documents her weight loss journey in the most colourful and natural way!

Vegan doughnuts

6. Jade

Through Jaysmealss she share recipes that are mostly gluten free and look absolutely delicious!

Coconut Bowl malta

Who is your inspiration?


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