6 Days. 6 Smoothies. You in?

6 Days. 6 Smoothies. You in?

Smoothies are a great way to inject an extra dose of health into your lifestyle and we're inviting you for 6 days of the most delicious smoothies!

Why Join the Challenge?

  • Recover nutrients & vitamins for a stronger immune system.
  • Get into the right mindset for 2022 & set a goal for yourself.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a nutrient rich homemade smoothie including energy, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals found in fruit, veg and nuts.
  • Smoothie will help you reduce cravings and over eating which aids body weight and fat loss
  • It's fun! Get creative and tag us @flavoursforhealth to be featured.

How does it work

Firstly, this is not a strict challenge and you don't have to follow any diets, the goal is to include a nutrient rich smoothie in your day to reduce sugar cravings, over eating and feel better.

Have your smoothie whenever you feel it best fits your day. Breakfast is a good way to start - get that energy boost in the morning. If you don't have time to cook or forgot pre packed lunch - take a Purition sachet with you and make a smoothie on the go.

A smoothie is also great to have in between meals or after a workout. A post workout recovery shake is great to have within 30 minutes. Decide if you would like to add less or more protein as you go! If you're looking to cut down on weight, replace your dinner with a wholefood smoothie, this will keep you satisfied until bed time. 

Click here for 6 Smoothie recipes

Products we love

Feel free to pick any natural protein powder, superfoods, nuts or seeds to add to your smoothies. 


We love Purition because it has all the good stuff in one packet with nothing artifical added to it. Purition is made of 7 natural whole foods (seeds and nuts) and a good-natured blend of vegetarian or vegan protein. If you're new to Purition find out more here. Have a Purition smoothie for:

  • Breakfast
  • Natural meal replacment or snack!

Raw Sport

We love Raw sport because it's one of the cleanest protein powder you will ever find. It includes the highest quality plant protein together with added superfoods and probiotics. Have a Raw Sport smoothie for:

Get started with our Discovery Box 

The trial box is a good way to start - it includes 6 Purition & 3 Raw Sport Samples with different flavours. If you're picky with your flavours buy Purition or Raw Sport sample sachets seperately.


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