Vegan Rewax Bar

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Use to refresh and revive old Vegan wax wraps!

Handmade using our secret wax blend, this little block of wonder will help you refresh your old and worn beeswax wraps. Use our refresher rewax bar to revitalise that perfect self-sealing finish and make your wraps last even longer!

Each bar will revive and refresh approximately 2 extra-large wraps, or 3 large wraps, or 4 medium wraps or 5 small wraps.

Product Care:

Our rewax bar is handmade from a blend of organic jojoba oil, pine resin, GMO free sumac wax, sunflower wax, rice bran wax and hydrogenated castor oil. We recommend using a small grater to distribute the rewax bar across your wraps. The bar can be quite sticky so some persistence is required. Clean the grater after use with boiling water. This bar is highly flammable so please store in a cool place away from heat sourced and naked flames.

How to refresh beeswax wraps using an iron



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