KetoTHIS Wholefood Meal Bar - Coconut


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A wholefood meal bar.

This is effortless low-carb food on the go.

Wholefood ingredients, no artificial sweeteners and recyclable paper packaging. KetoTHIS meal bars help busy people stick to their low carb goals with authentic KETO macros and natural whole food ingredients.

  • Low-carb, high fat, moderate protein
  • Packed with natural nutrition
  • Vegan
  • Grain & gluten free
  • No inulin or sweetener

Enjoy half a bar to keep you on track, or a whole bar for lunch on the go.

Low carb. High fat. Moderate protein

Packed with naturally occurring vitamins & minerals from wholefood ingredients.

No ultra-processed ingredients

No hidden food additives, inulin or sweetener. This is clean Keto at its best.

Healthy KETO on the go

The next best thing to a Purition shake when you want to keep your low carb lifestyle on track.

No added sugar or sweeteners

Some brands choose to fill their bars with not so nice stuff. We choose to be different

Wholefood ingredients. No half measures.

Our meal bars are extremely energy dense. Each bar contains:

Around 300 calories.
28g of natural fat,
7g of protein

5g of carbs.

These keto macros can keep you full for hours. Need a little something to keep you going? Try half a bar instead.



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