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6 Day Breakfast Smoothie Challenge

Kick start a healthy habit & feel more energised!


  • Save time - smoothies take 2 minutes to prepare!
  • Get the right fuel in the morning to kick start the day.
  • Nutrient dense & filling
  • Reduces cravings and over eating.
  • Aids body weight and fat loss. 


1. Order your Purition Trial Box (Vegan or Original) or Trial Bundle here and we'll send or deliver it to you!

2. Download 6 Smoothie recipes here (click on the image below:)

3. Join us and tag us @flavoursforhealth

Why add Purition to your smoothie?

  • Made from nutrient-dense nuts & seeds with a bit of whey or plant protein
  • Naturally high in protein and fibre to keep you full & satisfied
  • Extremely low in carbs, sugars and gluten free
  • Increases your energy level and improves your digestion.

    Tips & suggestions

    Prep: Stock up on smoothie staples like banana, frozen fruit, nut milk, peanut butter, honey & Purition.

    Bag Smoothies: Grab plastic baggies and put all the ingredients for each day. Stash them in the freezer and when the alarm goes off, toss one serving into the blender, add milk and Purition and your ready to go!



    'This pack is an excellent way to try all the different flavours. I had them for breakfast for health reasons and to aid with weight loss. Very tasty, nutritious and filling and not too sweet. With all natural ingredients I really trusted Purition and knew it was doing me good!''


    Share your smoothies with us!

    Tag @flavoursforhealth #puritionmalta


    Grab your blender and get ready for the smoothie challenge!