What you need to know about soy protein.

What you need to know about soy protein.

Purition does not include any genetically modified organisms (GMO) in their products. Infact, this is one of the main reason why soy protein is not  included in any Purition products. The reason being is that research suggests that a very high percentage of soybeans used to make soy protein are genetically modified.

Purition strives to use quality, wholesome ingredients, mostly raw ingredients that you can pluck from the ground and eat right away. Therefore, anything that has been chemically engineered or had its genes tinkered with just does not fit the bill.

We’re also not convinced by the health claims of soy-based products. In fact, latest  research indicates consuming genetically modified soy products can have a multitude of negative impacts on our health long term.

For all these reasons Purition continues to produce wholefood shakes using whey protein from grass fed cows in the UK where it rains a lot and the grass is juicy and lush all year round! Also, EU grown Hemp protein for the vegan range!

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