Transform your favourite hot drink into a fresh one this summer!

Transform your favourite hot drink into a fresh one this summer!

Here are 3 simple ways how you can stay fresh this summer. Enjoy an iced mocha, super tea or a latte all year round.

1. Iced Mocha 

Coffee and cacao are a match made in heaven and this frothy iced mocha is a perfect refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon.


4 tsp Aduna Super-Cacao Powder
350ml Coconut milk
2 shots espresso coffee
2 tsp maple syrup



Blend the coffee, cacao and mayple syrup until comibed. Fill 2 glasses with ice, pour the coffee blend equally and top up with coconut milk.

2. Golden Iced Latte

Just because it's summer it doesnt mean you can't enjoy a turmeric latte. Have it iced and you're in for a golden treat! 


1 tbsp Instantly Golden Blend

4 ice cubes

Radiance is exactly what you need this summer! We loved transforming this super tea in an exquisit iced tea.

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1 tea bag Aduna Radiance tea bag (a blend of hibiscus, rosehip & aloe vera)


Pour 75ml boiling water (enough to generously cover your teabag in your glass). Brew for at least 5-7 minutes and top with iced water. 

Discover and enjoy all our new super teas in iced version here.

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