This summer is going to be a scorcher! We've come up with 5 tips (with some advice from the experts) to help you feel your best this summer. It’s the season of beers and burgers and that’s why staying healthy and feeling good are that much harder. No radical changes here, just 5 little steps to help you feel great.


It's an oldie but a goodie! Topping up your water levels and keeping hydrated has long been touted as one of the best (and easiest) ways to keep your body healthy. From clearer skin, to better digestion, it’s amazing how much better you feel after those all-important 2 litres of water a day. Of course, the hardest part is often actually remembering to do it. Be sure to keep a water bottle with you at your desk or take one in your bag for when you're out and about, especially when going to the beach; don’t leave it in the sun too long, unless you fancy a cuppa!

Not a fan of plain old water? Mix it up and try infusing it with fruit, vegetables and superfood powders.


The human body can't store vitamin C so it's incredibly important we keep our levels topped up throughout the day to maintain a strong and healthy immune system. This is particularly important in summer as the heat weakens your immune system. Unlike manufactured pills, taking a natural and organic wholefood like Baobab Powder ensures a greater uptake, as it is a more bioavailable source. Rich in vitamin C (a single serving provides 33% of your daily Vitamin C requirement), high in fibre and with more antioxidants than any other fruit, a couple of teaspoons of baobab mixed into your breakfast smoothie, juice or porridge - or shaken into your water bottle (see above!) can provide an immediate cure to the summer nights.


A topic that keeps coming up in conversations is the importance of sleep or lack of it. Securing those precious 7-9 hours sleep at night is absolutely crucial to help your body rest and repair. The issue is that many of us aren't switched off enough at night and as a result have a disturbed sleep. Even though many of us spend the night in bed, some still tend to be sleep deprived due to the hectic nature of modern life - things such as too much caffeine, fast-paced working environments and too many screens overstimulate our nervous systems and leave us feeling frazzled. The result is often disturbed sleep as our bodies are unable to adequately switch off and transition into sleep mode.


Nothing beats the great outdoors, and most people would agree that working out just before the break of dawn in the fresh air can lift your mood, ease anxious thoughts or wake up a sluggish mind. Angele Satariano, pro runner and personal trainer at Active Spirit insists on “staying hydrated and replenish salts and electrolytes before and after your workout.” She advised us to “wear light, breathable clothes and avoid putting sunblock, creams and other products on your body before training as these block your pores and messes with your body's ability to cool itself.”

So this summer why not try waking up slightly earlier (and going to bed earlier) and going for a run before sunrise. Go ahead and jump in the sea or have a nice cold shower afterwards!


It may be that you want add more fruit and vegetables to your diet, try new exotic foods or simply eat a bit healthier, well first things first: nothing keeps you on track more than being organised and prepared. One of our best tips to save time and to keep on top of what you're eating is to make Sunday your 'food day'. Use your evening to make up batches of your favourite meals that you can enjoy all week long. Easy dishes like Roasted Root Vegetables or a big batch of Lentil & Moringa Soup take minimal time and are packed with goodness.

A handful of hours and plenty of containers is all you need to fill your fridge and freezer with delicious home-cooked food. Get a friend involved and it will take even less time and the more you do it, the more efficient you will become.



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