Purition Malta - the perfect foundation for the day

Purition - The perfect foundation for every day

No Junk food means that your body recognises every ingredient

Purition Malta breakfast shake

To get you ready for your busy day, Purition fill their bags with real wholefood ingredients that is lactose and soy free, including a vegetarian or dairy free vegan source of protein. Puriiton is much more than just a healthy protein shake or meal replacement, it contains more protein, fibre and more health fats, vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of using Purition

High in protein, low in carbs

Purition is a blend of natural seeds and nuts together with triple filtered British whey protein isolate or French grown vegan hemp protein that leaves you feeling full and satisfied, feeding your body with the nutrients you need.

Forget hunger pangs

Slow release and satisfying. The nutrient dense low-sugar/low-carb calories in Purition will keep you full between meals without raising blood sugar levels, the fat storage hormone.

Post-workout recovery

Packed with essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, & 9) and protein (BCAA’s) provide your body with the natural nutrition it craves after exercise.

Mouthwatering natural flavours

Purition does not contain any flavourings or any kind, only natural ingredients like freeze dried strawberries and whole Madagascan vanilla pods!


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