Discover Purition Superseed.

Discover Purition Superseed.

What is Superseed?  

A unique blend of freshly ground seeds and nuts for an extra dose of health benefits to add to your everyday diet!.... Here are some of our favourite Purition Superseed recipes

1. Superseed Oats

A classic! Oats, fruit, oat milk and Chocolate Superseed.

2. AppleSeed 

A super snack idea! Slices of peeled apples, peanut butter spread and Purition Superseed (Almond flavour). Crunchy!

3. StrawberrySeed.

Having Oats for breakfast is the perfect way to start off your day! Try having oats, fresh strawberries, Purition Superseed (Coconut favour) and Almond Milk. 

4. Youghurt, fruit and seeds.

A fresh snack or breakfast to keep you going. Add some berries to greek Youghurt and sprinkle some Superseed for an extra crunch and taste.

5. Superseed rye bread 

Feel like something savoury? We love this easy recipe -> toasted rye bread, spread of ricotta cheese and Almond Superseed.

6. Twin Breakfast 

The more creative the better! Museli base, banana, kiwi, oat milk and Superseed!

7. Banana Bites

A delicious and super healthy snack for everyone to enjoy! Chopped bananas, chunks of energy balls and Superseed Coconut on top! 

8. Superseed Pear

We love this snack so much, we had to do it again, this time with fresh pear, peanut butter and Chocolate Superseed

Sprinkle SUPERSEED on your morning porridge, fruit and yoghurt, muesli or granola or your super salad! Bakers also love our SUPERSEED mix. Use your imagination! There’s no limit to how you can sneak added benefits into your baking…


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