Summer, the perfect time to fine tune your diet!

Summer, the perfect time to fine tune your diet!

It's August, and the year of 2016 is half over. If in January you promised yourself that you would eat healthier, it's not too late! Summer is the perfect time to fine tune and upgrade your diet.

Here are some of our favourite breakfast and lunch summer dishes made by our local Maltese health experts and enthusiasts.

1. Summer smoothie

Full of protein, freshness and goodness. This breakfast smoothie is a blend of 3 scoops Purition Strawberry, 4 cubes of melon, 1 Banana, 250ml rice milk and ice. Blend & enjoy!

 2. Fresh tuna Salad

Smoked Maltese Tuna on an amazing salad by Pure

3. Bulgur Wheat Buddha Bowl

This buddha bowl is filled with a bed of rucola, bulgur wheat, raw asparagus, carrot and cucumber shavings. Also added hard boiled egg for some protein, and cashews, and topped off with salt and pepper, olive oil and balsamic! Get the full recipe from Island eats.

Island Eats by Chantelle Cauchi

3. Green Smoothie Bowl

Green Smoothie Bowls for Breakfast! Made with Barley Grass, Almond Butter, Coconut Milk, Spinach, Kiwi, Pineapple, Apple and Raw Cacao nibs by The Grassy Hopper!

The Grassy Hopper

4. Sweet Falafel

Sweet potatoe falafel on a cauliflower tabbouleh with yoghurt sauce by Sam bits and bites!

Sam bits and bits

5. The "VEGGIE TO GO" jar!

A jar filled with nourishing and delicious vegetables with all sorts of different vitamins and minerals to help your body function! Starting from roasted sweet potato, kale, broccoli, turmeric, spiced courgette, tomato, peppers, carrots and topped with a delicious homemade hummus by Naturally Nourished by Nikki.

Naturally Nourished by Nikki

6. Colourful Buddha bowl

Simple lunch because sometimes simple's all you need by Balance. Hard boiled eggs, sweet potato mash, cucumber topped with sesame seeds, sliced orange peppers, alfalfa sprouts and of course some mighty greens!

Balance by Sara.

7. Beetroot and quinoa salad

The more creative and colorful the better! Check out full recipe by M nutrition here of this delicious beetroot and quinoa salad. 


M Nutrition by Maxine Zerafa

8. Purition Mojito Smoothie

If you don't feel like cooking here is a great smoothie meal that you can have for lunch!

9. Vegan pasta

Dairy free pesto, chopped walnuts, sun dried tomatoes and fresh cherry tomatoes. If you love pasta and want to get some veggies in, this is such a great dish, it's easy and fast too by Little island vegans

10. "Zucchini fritters'' with Vegan Basil Cream

A super easy, quick and simple recipe thats great for breakfast, lunch or even to go! Not only is it simple, but its super tasty and rich in flavor by Naturally Nourished by Nikki.

Naturally Nourished by Nikki.

We hope you feel inspired and motivated to reach your health and fitness goals this summer!

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