Purition 5 ways

Enjoy Purition 5 Ways!

Now that our 6 Day smoothie challenge is done, here are 5 other ways how you can enjoy the health benefits of Purition

Whilst we love the rich, creamy taste you get when blending 40g of Purition with nut milk, we know that you can not always have a blender at hand. Don't worry!.. Purition can be used in different ways. Rich in protein, healthy fats and fibre, it's a deliscious 'anytime' meal you can fit around your schedule. 

Protein Pancakes

Include Purition in your favourite pancake recipe to create delicious pancakes packed with Purition goodness! 

 Purition Oats

Add Purition to your bowl of porridge for extra natural vitamins and minerals as well as added flavour. You can even throw in some berries, a spoon of Greek yogurt or a drizzle of honey to make it that little more special.

Purition Smoothie Bowl

It’s perfect for those wanting a healthy breakfast as well as a little extra indulgence first thing in the morning.

Protein packed home made energy Balls

The perfect pick me up snack. Toss a a portion of Purition for an extra dose of protein and fibre to your snack

Nutty Youghurt

Oh Yum! Add a tablespoon or two to your favourite youghurt together with some fruit. Enjoy all the nutiness and flavour that Purition will add!


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