Fall in love wih the health benefits of beetroot.

Fall in love wih the health benefits of beetroot.

Purition – a wholefood meal in a glass – has launched its first savoury line capturing the great taste and excellent nutritional value of beetroot.

What is so special about Beetroot?

Beetroot is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, including folate, iron, manganese, potassium and dietary nitrate. Super rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Beetroot is well recognised to have a wide range of health benefits including, improved blood flow and lower blood pressure. 


How about a Beetroot Smoothie?

Beetroot can be quite strong in taste, but with the right balance of ingredients it can really taste as good as it looks!

Purition just launched its first savoury line including; Beetroot and Beetroot & Chocolate flavours in both Original and Dairy Free. Made with no artificial ingredients, the new products contain 3 grams of freeze-dried beetroot per serving offering a great taste and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

Enjoy Purition Beetroot Smoothie for Breakfast or post workout by blending the following, it will surely keep you full and satisfied!

  • 40g Puritin Beetroot
  • 250ml Nut milk
  • Optional: Banana & Ice


“Beetroot offers great taste and heaps of nutrition. The delicious combination of beetroot and chocolate works brilliantly as the deep flavours of beetroot beautifully complements the dark richness of cacao. With its natural sweetness and magnificent colour, we anticipate the beetroot flavours will really appeal to people who don’t have a sweet tooth. It offers a real food alternative to protein supplements and meal replacement shakes – ideal for breakfast, lunch or a post-workout smoothie.”

- Edward - Founder of Purition


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