#TriathlonMoments with Josef Bonavia.

#TriathlonMoments with Josef Bonavia.

For many people, the idea of competing in a triathlon fits the definition of 'extreme', 'exceeding the ordinary'. But, for a few such a task is nothing more than a challenge that needs to be conquered.  And, for a even fewer people, that challenge must be taken to the limits of the human body. For them, there is the Ironman Triathlon. 

Josef Bonavia just completed the Ironman 70.3 Dubai and he shares some of his triathlon experience with us!

How many times did you do the ironman?

so far..

x10 full Ironman 

x25 70.3 Ironman

Break it down for us, what does the ironman race involve?

Ironman: 3.8km swim - 180km bike - 42km run 

70.3 Ironman: 1.9km swim - 90km bike - 21km run

Where are you now?


Best time?

Ironman 9hrs33min & 70.3 Ironman 4hrs 10 min

Do you alter your nutrition in advance of a big race?

Yes I do, which is very important not trying new things for race day especially nutrition.

What would a typical dinner or breakfast be before race day?

I like to keep is simple 2/3 hrs before the race i take eggs & toast, drink Raw sport: maintain bcaa.

30 min before the race I eat a sports energy bar

What's the coolest place you've ever raced in?

Cozumel, Mexico

Training with music: Yes or no? 


What kind of things do you think about during the race?

Crossing the finish as fast as i can 🤣 

Energy gel or banana? 


Favourite time to train? AM or PM?


How many hours a day do you train?

3-4 hrs daily sometimes longer, weekly around 20-30 hrs 

Rank the following according to preference: run, bike, swim

Bike - Run - Swim 

What's your favorite product from our store? or what would you like to try?

All of them I tried where good, the RAW SPORT BCAA Supplement and all of the Vive bars where my favorite.

Comment below with any questions you would like to ask Josef?!

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