Eco friendly Intiatives

Earth week, we haven't forgotten you! In fact you are always a priority in our business as we are super proud to offer eco friendly initiatives in the way we operate as well as the products we offer. Here are 5 ways how we are contributing to the environment:

1. Reusable Collection

We offer a variety of resuable products including the most stylish water bottles, veggy bags, resuable utensils, bamboo straw, snack boxes for kids and more...

2. All our products are plant based.

It is our priority to include only products that are made from natural wholefood ingredients, plant based. 

3. We reuse and recycle

Our goal is to recycle all the packaing material we recieve from our suppliers and reuse it to package your orders. Materials such as shipper boxes, extra paper, bubble wrap.

4. We do not use any Plastic when packging orders

.. and if we do it would the bubble wrap recieved form our supplier and we reuse it to protect our bottles during delivery. We do not create gift hampers with the classic plastic cover, but instead use brown boxes to package our yummy gifts.

5. We work with brands that have the environment at heart 

  • Deliciouslly Ella use 100% recycble cardboard in most of their packaging and are in the process of transferring the breafast cereals pouches into cardboard too.
  • Livia's just change the inner Million Sqaure plastic holder to cardboard
  • Purition removed the inner plastic scoop, encouraging people to reuse the ones they have or use a normal teaspoon to measure 40g per serving. 
  • Our Baking Mixes are now all made from cardboard pacakging. 

6. We maximise the transport of goods.

We do our very best to always maximise the stock that is being transported at once from our suppliers in the EU all the way to our warehouse in Malta.

In celebration of Earth Week, discover our special offer on selected products from our Reusable Collection. 

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