Breakfast Tiramisu

Breakfast Tiramisu

Breakfast Tiramisu with Cocoa Cereal & Honey Yogurt

This recipe was created by @demancare


-200g Turtle Cocoa Pillows;

-1 shot of espresso coffee;

-400g Greek yoghurt;

-1 tablespoon vanilla extract;

-Cocoa for decoration.

Optionally, you can add fresh fruit, nuts or whatever you like.

How to prepare it?

In a cake tin, first put a layer of cocoa cereal, sprinkle with coffee to soften it. In a bowl, mix the yoghurt, honey and vanilla. Add half the cream to the cereal. Add another layer of cereal, then drizzle with coffee and finally spread the other half of the yoghurt cream. Cover with cocoa powder and refrigerate overnight or at least an hour before serving.

Absolutely delicious!

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