#RunningMoments with Angele Satariano

#RunningMoments with Angele Satariano

Angele Satariano, personal trainer at Active Spirit and mid-distance runner shares her athletic experience with us!

How many times did you run the marathon?

    I never ran the full marathon. But I ran the Malta half 6 times from 2011 - 2016. Unfortunately I missed 2017 due to being sick.

    Best time? 

    1hr 27mins 37s - in 2016 and I placed 2nd Maltese and 5th overall.

    One word that comes to mind when you think about the Marathon?


    How are you preparing yourself for the Marathon? 

    Weekly long runs, long tempo runs and hill sessions.

    What would a typical dinner or breakfast be before a long run or race day?

      Dinner anything as long as rice is included. Breakfast - oats if there’s enough time to digest. Otherwise 1 or 2 bananas 

      Do you alter your nutrition in advance of a big race?

        Not really I try to eat with running in mind all the time since training itself is very demanding

        What's the coolest place you've ever run in Malta?

        Hmmmm tough one.... can’t pick one.

        Running with music: Yes or no? 

        No! I like to listen to my surroundings and set my own rhythm

        What's your favourite song to listen to for motivation? 

        Don’t really have one as I don’t run with music. Motivation needs to come from deep within

        Energy gel or banana? 

        During a race, energy gel because it’s easy, before a race/run banana (I always go for natural if I have the option). I wouldn’t have gel unless it’s a race and it’s been many years since I’ve had one.

        What kinds of things do you think about as you run? 

        Hahaha anything under the sun. What I’m going to wear for lunch, what new interesting things I’m going to introduce at Active Spirit, and only god knows what else! During a race it’s different. Thoughts are more about how I’m feeling. Who’s ahead, who’s behind, how fast I’m running, searching for energy within.. can I push more? Am I giving it my all? I think about crossing the finish line and falling flat on the floor! I say to myself… keep going now, push! Your time to collapse is afterwards haha!

        What do you find most rewarding about running?

        Sometimes after a run I think about how I just ran an effortless 15km at a decent pace and it just ‘normal’ for me... it reminds me not to take my health and fitness for granted. A few years ago my race pace was slower than what would be an ‘easy’ pace right now. Seeing the improvement to one’s fitness is an incredible feeling. And there’s nothing better than finishing a good run with friends, having a good laugh, getting out into the sunshine, hearing the birds chirping and admiring the view along the way :)

        If you could deliver one message to every runner reading this – and you can! – what would it be?

        Don’t give up, the potential you’ve got deep inside is immense. Just keep working at it and slowly unlock it as you go along... you’ll surprise yourself ;))

        What's your favorite product from our store? or what would you like to try? 

        I love the Baabab powder most :)  I’d love to try the Tumeric blend.


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