All about Turtle Cereals

All about Turtle Cereals

Behind Turtle there is a lovely Belgian-German couple, lovers of good things and addicted to entrepreneurship who are on a mission to make better cereals for all the family to enjoy. All turtle products are are certified organic, 100% natural, and provides you with cleanest products possible for you to start your day off on the right foot.

Turtle, as in La Fontaine's famous fable, is the turtle that will beat the hare.

The Classics only better!

It was not easy to find a cereal company that uses less sugar, better ingredients, provides gluten free and dairy free options and still manages to create something so tasty. We are proud to partner up with such a company that shares our values:

  • Organic Ingredients

All ingredients are derived from organic farming.

  • Vegan & Gluten free 

Not all Turtle cereals are dairy and gluten free but we made sure to stock the ones that they are. 

  • Unprocessed ingredients 

You wont find anything artificial or processed ingredients in turtle cereals.  

  • No added sugar

No honey, no coconut flower nectar, no syrup of anything. No refined sugars means that only natural sweeteners such as unrefined cane sugar or agave syrup are used.

  • 100% Natural

You will not find anything else in all turtle cereals and porridge's besides cereals, seeds, fruits and dark chocolate. That means no salt, no added sugars, no flavour enhancers, no flavourings, no preservatives. 


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