9 Smoothie mistakes and how to solve them.

9 Smoothie mistakes and how to solve them.

1. Blending too little

Solution: Smoothies are quick and efficient, but it doesn't mean that in 3 seconds it'll be ready. Make sure you blend your smoothie for at least 1 minute to enjoy lump free.

2. Not adding a tickener

Solution: A good smoothie has one ingredient that gives it some body. Fruits like mangos, apricots, avocados and bananas produce a perfectly delicious creamy blend. Just adding one or even 1/2 a banana is enough for the perfect consistency. 

3. Overdoing it with powdered blends

Solution: Adding superfoods and other powders will change the nutritional content of your smoothie. Be careful to choose products that have no artificial sweeteners, sugars or unpronounceable ingredients added. The easiest is to use prepared smoothie/protein blends instead of purchasing all the ingredients seperately and then trying to figure out the right measurement in the morning rush.

4. Too sweet

Solution: Definitely, don't add sugar! and if you're using non dairy milk go for unsweetened. Go for natural sweeteners like honey, dates and agave syrup. Normally when you add berries or frozen bananas, your smoothie is sweetened naturally and tastes absolutely delicious!

5. Less is more

Solution: we know it's tempting to add everything into the blender, but resist tossing every superfood you know! Choose 3-4 main ingredients, otherwise the flavour can get weird, especially wehen adding greens. Baobab powder, for examples is a great superfood that goes with pretty much everything.

6. Too much ice

Solution: When you toss in too many ice cubes your smoothie texture might become too watery. When adding ice too early it doesn't allow nutrients and good fats to combine. So add a couple of ice cubes (2-4) as the last ingredients when everything else is already blended into an even mass. This way you can see if you even need more liquid. Tip:Freeze some juice or almond milk.

7. Too much water

Solution: When you add all the liquid at once you might end up with a not-so-good and watery smoothie. Blend in half the liquid first, then add your ingredients and see if you like the consistency. Pour in more as needed.

8. Raw fruits

Solutions: You don't eat raw or under ripe fruits so don't add them to your smoothies. On the other hand, over ripe bananas are great to add to smoothies and they're actually sweeter.


9. Sticking to a recipe.

Be creative, keep a few basic guidelines in mind and enjoy making a creamy smoothie using natural ingredients and good quality powders. Cheers! Oh and don't forget to tag us on #flavoursforhealth on instagram!


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