6 Day Healthy Breakfast challenge!

6 Day Healthy Breakfast challenge!

'A good healthy breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day'

We challenge you to take on our 6 day Healthy Breakfast Challenge, starting on the 23rd of January. 

To make the challenge more fun we teamed up with Noberasco Malta to giveaway a FREE Breakfast Kit and a Brevile Blend active Blender to someone who tags us @flavoursforhealth @noberascomalta and use the #myhealthybreakfast during the challenge. 


For us at Flavours for Health, a good hearty breakfast is a meal that includes a balance of nutrients, carbs, protein, vitamains and minerals that will make you full and satisfied for longer.

We love to mix in oats with seeds, nuts and fruit together with milk (almond or oat) or youghurt - we also love mixing in Purition protein and superfruit powder for an added boost of fibre, protein, antioxidants and nutrients.

Benefits of joining the breakfast challenge?

  • Quick and super easy recipes to make
  • Versatile - you can have different flavour combinations every day!
  • Recipes that include ingredients that are rich in fibre.
  • You will feel full which may help you lose weight, giving you stamina to keep going until lunchtime and eat healthier all day long.

Why add Purition to your breakfast?

Purition is simply REAL FOOD ingredients. The ingredients - flaxseeds, almonds, coconuts, chia, sesame and pumpkin seeds, together with whey protein isolate or hemp protein - mix into oatmeal or smoothies very well. This is why we add Purition to most of our breakfast. Plus, who can resist adding a chocolate, vanilla or even pistachio flavour to your breakfast?

Download 6 Breakfast Recipes   


We also created a Breakfast Kit  which includes a box of 6 Purition sachets (40g x 6), 6 Noberasco Super Frutti and ADUNA Baobab & Moringa powder (The kit will last you much more than 6 days) If you already have these ingredients, feel free to download the recipes and join the challenge!              








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