6 Day Smoothie Challenge + GIVEAWAY!

6 Day Smoothie Challenge + GIVEAWAY!

The Flavours for Health Smoothie Challenge is back!

We want to show you how simple and good it feels to introduce a nutritious smoothie a day!

Join us - All details below.

WHO: YOU (+ your friends, family, co-workers, etc..)

WHERE: Home, work or any place where you can create a delicious smoothie. 

WHAT: A Smoothie a day for 6 Days. Breakfast, Lunch or Snack. 

WHEN: 24th June - 29th June (or really anytime you want to start and/or do again).

WHY: Smoothies are an easy way to get you going and intake more nutrients into your diet from fruit, vegetable and superfoods. Having a smoothie a day will:

  • Boost your energy levels. 
  • Reduce cravings and over eating.
  • Aids body weight and fat loss.
  • Stay fresh and hydrated during hot days. 

How to create the perfect smoothie:

1. Choose your base (250ml): Nut, Oat Milk or coconut water.

2. Pick a NATURAL Protein powder (10-20g) - We highly recommend using Purition, why?

  • It is made from nutrient-dense nuts & seeds with a bit of whey or plant protein
  • Naturally high in protein and fibre to keep you full & satisfied
  • Extremely low in carbs, sugars and gluten free
  • Boosts your metabolism and supports healthy weight loss

3. Choose your add ons:

  • Fruit that are in season like strawberries or 1 banana
  • A few leafy greens if you're up for it!
  • Superfoods (optional) - our favourite is Baobab (Super rich in Vit C), you can also add maca or moringa.

4. Add 3/4 Ice cubes or frozen bananas for a smoother smoothie!

Get started with the Purition Discovery Box!

Order your box (Vegan or Original) now and we'll deliver it to you for FREE! It includes 6 samples for 6 smoothies.

Enter the Giveaway!

Share your smoothies and tag us @flavoursforhealth #flavoursforhealth for a chance to win a Purition Sample Box - We will be choosing two winner!

Get your Smoothie Kit on offer here!


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