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6 Day Smoothie Challenge

6 Day Smoothie Challenge

Kick start a healthy habit and feel more enrgised!

Replace a meal with a smoothie for 6 days, along with a healthy, balanced diet!

Why do the challenge?

  • Save time - smoothies take 2 minutes to prepare!
  • Reduces cravings and over eating.
  • Aids body weight and fat loss. 
  • Start your journey to health 

We choose Purition as our smoothie base but you can create your own. 

Purition = Pure Nutrition

Flying the flag of a truly natural product. Purition is made with all-natural, real wholefood ingredients. It is also:

  • Made from nutrient-dense nuts & seeds with a bit of whey or plant protein
  • Naturally high in protein and fibre to keep you full & satisfied
  • Extremely low in carbs, sugars and gluten free
  • Increases your energy level and improves your digestion.

Get started with the Purition Discovery Box!

Order your box (Vegan or Original) or Trial Bundle now and we'll deliver it to you for FREE! It includes 6 samples for 6 smoothies.


Grab your blender and get ready for the smoothie challenge!

Share your smoothies with us! Tag @flavoursforhealth #puritionmalta

Buy Your Smoothie Kit here

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