It's Coeliac awareness week! - Should you be living gluten free?

It's Coeliac awareness week! - Should you be living gluten free?

At Flavours for Health, we are proud to have  products that are delicious but also gluten free. So when we saw it was Coeliac awareness week, we wanted to find out more.

Did you know that around 1% of the global population has coeliac disease? And only 25% are diagnosed! This means that in Malta there should be around 4,000 people with the condition, but only 1,000 are known cases and the remaining 3,000 are living with the diseases and don't know!

But what is coeliac disease? Unlike many people believe, it is not an allergy. It is an autoimmune disease caused by the body reacting to gluten. Symptoms include digestive problems, tiredness, anaemia, hair loss and sometimes sudden weightloss. A small number of sufferers also develop a nasty rash (Dermatitis Herpetiformis).

However, it is a treatable, although not curable, disease, and patients following a gluten-free diet can hugely improve their symptoms.

If you think you might have the symptoms associated with Coeliac Disease, it is important for you to get checked, before you give up gluten. To find out more visit: Coeliac Association Malta

And spread the word...

If you suffer from Coeliac disease and use Purition products as part of your gluten free diet, we’d also love to hear your story.

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