All you need to know about Purition

Can Purition be used during Pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yes, Purition is made from 100% wholefood natural ingredients so is perfectly safe if you’re an expectant mum or breastfeeding. In fact, Purition is a great way of making sure your own body is fuelled with essential nutrients whilst you deal with the demands of a newborn. It’s really simple and quick to prepare so even if you’re too tired to stand in the kitchen and cook a meal you can prepare a Purition shake in less than 30 seconds (and one handed if needs be!).

Is Purition lactose free?

The Original Purition is made with some whey protein isolate - which is super low in lactose.

To put it in context for you the average cup of tea with just a splash of milk will contain 160mg of lactose, there is less than 4mg of lactose in a serving of Original Purition. That's 15 times less lactose than you'd find in a cup of tea with a splash of milk! So it should not aggravate IBS or cause bloating.

Our Dairy Free options are 100% plant based and are completely lactose free.

Is Purition gluten free?

Yes all blends are certified gluten free and coeliac safe at less than 5 ppm.

Is Puritoin certified Vegetarian or Vegan?

Yes, our Original blends, made with a little whey protein isolate, are certified Vegetarian.

Our Dairy Free Plant Based blends are made with Hemp or Pea, Rice and Hemp protein blend and are certified Vegan.

How many scoops should I use?

Generally we say 4 scoops (40g) for women and 5 scoops (50g) for men. However ladies if 40g is not keeping you satisfied until your next meal use 50g.

Can I make my shake with water?

To be honest we don’t think this is the best way to make or to enjoy your Purition shake. The natural ingredients contained in our blends work far better with milk or your favourite milk alternative.

To enjoy Purition at its best: Blend 40g of Purition with 250ml cold milk/ nut milk and drink straight away.

How should I prepare my shake? Shaker or blender? 

We recommend preparing Purition in a blender. Real Food does not dissolve so we say blend it for best results. Blending will create a thick, smooth, creamy shake in seconds and is a great opportunity to throw in some berries or greens for even more nutrients.

When should I drink my shake?

Once blended consume immediately, your shake will continue to thicken. If left for a few hours it will become porridge like and you’ll need a spoon thanks to all the fibre. 

How many servings in each bag?

That depends each 500g bag contains 10 x 50g servings or 12 x 40g servings, that’s enough for two weeks. Many customer will add a half serving to Greek Youghurt, Porridge or their regular green smoothie.

Can I try all the flavours before buying a bag?

Absolutely, if you want to try before you buy we recommend our Mixed Box of Samples - This contains one serving of each flavour (6 in total). Each serving is one meal so you can really get a feel for what our Wholefood Protein Shakes are all about.

How is Purition different from other protein shakes on the market?

That’s simple in two words REAL FOOD. Junk-free fitness food means your body recognises every ingredient. No gums, cheap fillers, thickeners, artificial anything or flavourings. Just simple wholesome food ingredients that support your “clean eating” and fitness goals.

How should I store Purition?

Reseal the bag after use and keep it in a cool, dark cupboard. You don’t need to keep it in the fridge. Decanting it into a sealed jar or container, and keeping it on the side next to your blender is handy for easy access if using it everyday!


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