Veggiebag l 5-Pack

Veggiebag l 5-Pack


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Convenient reusable produce bags to use when selecting and carrying your fresh fruit and vegetables from local stores. The mesh material is made from 100% RPET which is made from recycled plastic bottles.


  • The bags measure 30 x 35cm each
  • Both bags and pouch feature a drawstring and toggle
  • See through mesh material for convenience while shopping
  • Each bag can carry up to 2 kilos
  • Each bag weighs 10 grams
  • Bags can be hand-washed in cold water
  • All material used is RPET

Other uses:

  • Fruit & Veg can be washed or rinsed in the bag itself due to the mesh material
  • Produce can be stored in the bag for an extended life cycle
  • Bulk Goods Shopping: Nuts, Dried Fruit, Grains
  • Laundry Bag
  • Herb Drying
  • Bread


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