Festive Office Treat Box

Festive Office Treat Box

Flavours for Health

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A feast of extraordinarily tasty, healthy and nutritious treats for all the team to enjoy!

This treat box delights staff with a variety of healthy and delicious premium snacks including the limited edition winter selection Kookie Cat cookies, chocolate dipped almonds and more! All individually packed for everyone to enjoy safely.

This box includes about 70 snacks. Suitable for a team of 10 to enjoy throughout the week or larger teams to enjoy in a few days (warning: they might not last very long :)

All products are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Vegan friendly. 100% Yummy.

In this box you will find..

x2 Winter Selection Kookie Cat cookies
(Each bag contains 25 mini cookies, you will have 50 mini cookies in total!)
x5 Deliciouslly Ella Caramel cups
x10 Rookie Winter Bliss
x5 Deliciouslly Ella Chocolate Dipped almonds
x3 Kookie Cat Cookies (new flavours)


Please note, one or more flavours might need to be substituted from time to time depending on availability. If you would like to choose different flavours or discuss your box order please get in touch with us on info@flavoursforhealth.com

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