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2 Combo | Land

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Beeswax Wraps help reduce the amount of single use clingfilm needed to keep your food fresh without having the devastating impact on the planet. They are handmade from locally sourced British Beeswax, organic Jojoba Oil and Pine Resin, with GOTs certified organic Cotton and organic Dyes.

2 Combo includes:

  • 1 Small Wrap 20 x20cm
  • 1 Medium Wrap 30 x 30cm

    Features & Benefits

    Self-Sealing Wraps
    Use the heat of your hands to mould your wraps over, under, or around whatever you’d like to cover (just like cling film!) and keep your food fresh for longer.

    Reusable and Rewaxable

    Reusable for up to a year, and easy to refresh using our Rewax Bar to last even longer!

    Keeps Food Fresh for Longer

    Wrap your greens, crunchy veg and soft loaves in a beeswax wrap as soon as you’ve bought them.

    Always Plastic Free

    We don’t use plastic in any of our products, packaging or production!


    Product Care:

    Reusable for up to a year, clean by hand washing in cold water with a mild dishwashing soap and a sponge or brush. Hang to dry and store folded in a drawer or rolled in a jar until next time.

    Do not use with raw fish or meat, and avoid all contact with heat including microwaves and ovens.

    How to use a Beeswax Wrap



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