Flow 2in1

Flow 2in1


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Unique 2 in 1 FLOW DESIGN: water bottle with a smoothie cup.

A simple and minimalistic bottle, with a touch of motion movement. Made for wanderlust girls who live in a dreamy adventure of freedom and friendship, away from everyone and everywhere. They live in the moment of happiness and they feel that a perfect getaway is the one to nature, where they free their spirits, feel happy and go wherever the flow takes them.

    Each bottle comes with a:

    • Smooothie cap
    • Water cap
    • 2 Straws

    Use the smoothie top & a straw at those busy times when you’re craving a refreshing drink on the go. The water bottle holds 800 ml and the smoothie cup holds 750 ml.

    • Made in Austria, Europe.
    • BPA FREE bottle made from best quality material EASTMAN Tritan
    • The water bottle lid is purposely designed to be 100% leak proof.
    • A multifunctional cap makes it easy to be carried around.
    • Dishwsher safe


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