Corporate Gifts

Looking for the perfect wellness gift?

Get inspired with our range of corporate gifts this season. Wether it's a one off suprise or a special event, we make sure that your gift symbolises wellness, good energy and health.

Our range includes:

1. EQUA bottles

Simple yet purposeful glass or BPA free bottles that make the perfect gift for your business partners or co workers, showing them you care for their well-being and want to give them the perfect companion to take care of their hydration.

2. Health Boxes 

In all our boxes you'll find 100% natural products free from anything artificial ranging from superfoods, teas, our bestselling Kookie Cats, Purition smoothies and more. Choose from our range of boxes or create your own according to your budget and style.



1. EQUA Bottle Cutomization

Add a personal touch to your favourite EQUA bottle combination and personalise it with a name, your company logo or even your own design!

There are different ways how we can customize your EQUA bottle

  • print on glass
  • laser engraving on the cap
  • sandblasting on glass
  • silicones - pick protection for your 
    bottle from one of 10+ different colours and shapes


  • Minimum units for xusomised bottle is 50
  • Up to 4 colors can be printed on the bottle. All printed logos must specify a Pantone color.
  • Laser engraving can be made in grey only.
  • There are certain print limitations with every logo and we are happy to discuss that individually.

    How to proceed?

    1. Send us an inquiry on or fill in the form below
    2. We will provide you with a preview and modify up to 3 times for free
    3. Agree on delivery and pricing (prepayment required)
    4. You get a high value gift and impress your clients, partners and employees

    2. Health Box Customization

    Choose any products from our collection to create unique and hip boxes. We package our boxes in a very simple eco friendly (no plastic) way but you can add any other material in to the box (such as company brochure, invitations or logo stickers). We can also discuss the design of the box to see which colours or materials you'd like to use. 

    We do offer a special price for orders over 10 boxes, so please do get in touch for more information. 

    Check out our range of ready made Boxes here for some inspiration, you can choose from:






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