The Ultimate Foodie Box

Flavours for Health

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A feast of extraordinarily tasty, healthy and nutritious treats!

You won’t find a box quite like it! The ultimate foodie box is bursting with goodness and positive energy. We handpicked all our favourite products and put them into one unique box.

All products are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Vegan friendly. 100% Yummy.

In this box you will find..

x1 Turtle Cereal
x1 Bettr Brownie Mix
x1 Bettr Apple Chips
x1 Bettr Chocolate pudding
x1 Deliciouslly Ella Chocolate Bar
x1 Bettr Hazelnut wafer
x1 Bettr Coconut chips
x1 Bettr Choco spaceships
x1 Deliciouslly ella chocolate almonds
x2 Kookie Cat Cookies
x1 Deliciouslly ella caramel cup
x2 Bettr Hazelnut chocolate cup
x1 Bettr Hazelnut butter
x1 Deliciouslly ella nut butter balls
x1 Vive snack bar

Please note, one or more flavours might need to be substituted from time to time depending on availability. If you would like to choose different flavours or discuss your box order please get in touch with us on

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