White Coconut Bowl

White Coconut Bowl

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When you're eating out of this bowl, it's like eating out of a real coconut, wait... this is a real coconut. But that's not the white flesh, it is an FDA approved food safe white finish to help you transport to a tropical paradise every day.

These coconut shell bowls are hand made after the shells are reclaimed from coconut plantations that were destined to be discarded and burned as waste. Each coconut is cut, sanded, cleaned and finished with an organic coconut oil polish.

Coconut bowls are a beautiful product of nature, with each bowl having its own shape, size, colour and pattern. Each coconut bowl is one in a billion, just like you.

These bowls are reusable, easy to clean and with the proper care should last you hundreds of uses.


  • This is a real coconut
  • Hand Crafted
  • Reclaimed after coconut water and coconut meat has been extracted
  • Fair Trade
  • Food Safe
  • Durable
  • No artificial glues or lacquers

Each bowl is unique in size.

  • Diameter average 5" or 13cm 
  • Depth average 2.5" or 6cm 
  • Volume (fill) average 16oz - 18oz or 500ml - 700ml


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